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In Treasures of Engagement, Suniti Dernovsek offers an immersive training designed to help participants advance their personal practice and develop the pedagogical skills necessary to teach yoga. Throughout the course, participants will commit to daily meditation and asana practice, textual study, journaling and weekly partner meetings. The training assits participants in developing a strong foundation through the study and application of anatomy-based alignment, pranayama and meditation. Together, we unravel habitual patterns, thus creating space for the development of new pathways in body and mind. Most importantly, we investigate methods for integrating the practices into our own lives. This training seeks a new synthesis between classical and contemporary methods. In particular, Suniti approaches yoga philosophy and practice from a place of engaged somatic self-reflection. Drawing on somatic practices such as Body-Mind Centering and the Alexander Technique can at once renew and deepen the experience of yoga. Somatic practices are about getting to know ourselves yet more intimately; entering a safe and informed practice that responds to our ever-changing needs as dynamic organisms; and reclaiming the ability to make our own choices about our bodies. We will approach yoga pedagogy with the understanding that in order to empower others into more intimate self-knowledge, we must first do the work for ourselves. In Treasures of Engagement, we embrace the clarity of form without clinging to dogma. We look inward as a way to commit ourselves to a more rigorous applied ethics. We stay committed to embodied research and investigate methods for sharing our practice with our communities, in whatever forms those communities manifest.


Weekend 1: January 24-26
Weekend 2: February 7-9
Weekend 3: February 28-March 1
Weekend 4: March 13-15
Weekend 5: March 27-29
Weekend 6: April 10-12
Weekend 7: April 17-19
Weekend 8: May 1-3
Weekend 9: May 15-17
Weekend 10: May 29-31
Retreat at Big Bear Camp: June 8-14

Schedule for Weekends: Fridays 6-9 PM, Saturdays 9 AM-5PM,  Sundays 9 AM-5PM







  • Learn to commit to a personal practice

  • Learn asana alignment that is rooted in anatomy, curiosity and individuality

  • Learn the basics of pranayama and meditation

  • Learn to see bodies and address unique alignment cues

  • Learn to articulate individual experience through journaling and practice teaching

  • Engage in weekly partner meet-ups to deconstruct and embody ethics

  • Discover philosophy that feels applicable to your life and community relationships

  • Study the intersection of yoga asana and somatic practices as a way to deepen your felt sense

  • Study Experiential Anatomy 1 with Wendy Hambidge

  • Study with guest Alexander Method teacher, Rebecca Harrison

  • Study inclusive practices with Renee Sills and Sarah Trelease

  • Develop your embodied awareness of power dynamics with guest teacher, Devon Riley

  • Offer public practicum classes at The People’s Yoga


Full 300-Hour Foundational Teacher Training: $4500
Early Bird Special: Save $250 if you enroll before November 15, 2019

200-Hour Immersion: $3000
(This is for those who are not interested in teaching, but are interested in deepening their study of yoga. It takes place through out the first 8 weeks of the training and ends on May 3rd)

$500 non-refundable deposit due upon enrollment

Payment plans available.
For details or questions, please e-mail

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