Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Through years of study and practice, I have developed an expansive tool kit to assist you in your personal practice. Each session is tailored to meet your individual needs. 
Sessions often include a combination of yoga, breath work, hands-on adjustments, meditation and verbal processing.

People interested in private sessions often come with some physical questions related to pain, injury, dis-ease and a desire to reduce stress and anxiety. Some students come in without anything “wrong” but simply want to dive into some new material.

The work that we do together brings you into an experience of being at home in yourself. You are the teacher; the expert and we allow the wisdom of the body to guide us. Through deep somatic inquiry students are guided towards a feeling of wholeness, integration and presence. We feel into new pathways and possibilities while unlocking habits that may not be serving us anymore.

I am available for private clients on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Price - $75/hour
Email me at suniti@suniti.net for an appointment.