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Unpacking Downward Facing Dog Through Experiential Anatomy with Wendy Hambidge and Suniti Dernovsek.

Join Wendy and Suniti for an in-depth experience of downward facing dog. We will embody our skeletal structure to understand its role in asana. By virtue of the bones knowing themselves alignment becomes dynamic and not a formula, the complexity of form clarifies. We will learn to reference our personal experience and develop a felt sense of ones own body. Through movement, models, pictures and touch students will bring clarity and relationship to downward facing dog. What is discovered will be applied to a wide range of poses.  

May 13th - legs and pelvis
May 20th - shoulders and arms
June 3rd - spine
June 10th - putting it all together

$40 register at

The People's Yoga  on N. Mississippi    
855 N. Failing St 97227