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We have bodies that are in dialog and in relationship to all things. How can we deepen our experience of living this precious life right now, in this culture at this time? This 7-week series provides an opportunity to build skills within a safe and consistent learning environment.

Together we will investigate places in body and mindset that have grown quiet or inaccessible. Where are we stuck in old patterns? We will allow feeling and movement to operate together to move closer to our experience. By exploring asana and other creative movement forms we inspire a research that exists in the body. With an interest in community, we will discuss how our practices are integrating into our lives.

Each class consists of:

·      Movement exercises that include asana and other creative movement forms
·      A short-guided meditation
·      Time for group discussion

Cost: $100
Dates: September 13th-October 25th
Time: 9-10:30AM
Located at The People's Yoga NE 30th studio.